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Prosperity Saskatchewan’s content may not reflect the opinions of the sponsors, given it is independent of them and is 100% created by Eric Anderson.

about SIMSA

In addition to creating Prosperity Saskatchewan, Eric Anderson is also the Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Industrial and Mining Suppliers Association (SIMSA).

Based in Saskatoon, SK, SIMSA is the only organization that supports, promotes, and represents the interests of only Saskatchewan-based suppliers who serve the industrial, mining, and energy sectors.

SIMSA’s more than 300 members provide innovative, world-class solutions used by resource and industrial companies and their EPCMs, in Saskatchewan and around the world. SIMSA’s memberships’ annual Saskatchewan sales currently total over $13.7 billion, with over 32,000 employees.
Prosperity Saskatchewan is a daily radio commentary on Saskatchewan’s mining, energy, and industrial sectors, as well as its economy. The items are researched, written, and voiced by Eric Anderson.
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