Prosperity Saskatchewan is now back after being an archival site for a 7-year project developed by Eric Anderson through November 30, 2014.

Eric Anderson is a Saskatchewan economy and resources consultant. The business name grew from a daily radio commentary he created for Rawlco Radio entitled “Prosperity Saskatchewan.” 1,575 episodes of “Prosperity Saskatchewan” aired over its 6+ year lifetime. While creating the radio program and since then, Eric completed numerous speaking engagements and consulting projects.

Until November 30, 2014, this site presented up-to-date news items – over 4,000 were posted and are archived here – documents, and statistics relevant to Saskatchewan’s economy with a special focus on its mining and oil sectors.  The site also contained information on Eric’s various communications avenues.

It’s all starting again.

His perspective is more from a community relations angle, than investor relations.  What is good or bad for investors, may not be the same for the people of Saskatchewan – a lot of the time they are, but not always.  And, the people of Saskatchewan are more concerned about trends than quarterly results. Also, his work is “Prosperity”, so he tends to be positive.

Saskatchewan has the best of both worlds; Ontario’s metals on the north-east half plus Alberta’s oil and oil sands on the south-west half.  And we also have the massive economic driver of potash plus the strong potential for diamonds.

This is Eric.

This is Eric and his family – Andrew, Olivia, Cathy (his smokin-hot wife), Claudia, and Josh (Josh’s dog issue is another story).

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  1. Welcome to the Blog World.

  2. Thanks for the fantastic post. This is a great example of why “we aren’t going back”.

  3. Hello a huge thank you for presenting Great information.I decided I will be bookmarking this website for future reference.good luck with this great site.

  4. Great website, I really liked your entry.

  5. "Mesa in winter"

    Always a good read each day promoting Saskatchewan and what it has become; a Canadian leader in many ways.

  6. Do you do public speaking on Sask economy?

  7. I read with interest your article promoting Fortune minerals. Would your comments be the same if it was your drinking water and livelihood at stake? I’m guessing not. The environmentalists aren’t against development we are against irreversable damage to the environment and water needed to sustain a living. It’s always easy to say what should happen when it doesn’t affect you. Please get all the correct info before you print your articles.

    • Your comments are based on the assumption that the environmentalists are right and the government review is wrong. I agree with the review, obviously you do not.
      You also assume that my opinion would be different if I lived near the plant. I can guarantee you that my opinion would be identical. I do have all the facts, I just do not agree with the version being promoted by some environmentalists.


  8. Were you at any of the open forum meetings that were held? If you were you would know there were questions asked that that were not really answered. When asked about how sure they could be of no “accidents ” that would contaminate the drinking water or soil the only response was “there are no 100% guarantees. They will deposit thousands of tons of contaminated waste or tailings that will be left there for eternity or someone cleans it up. There plant will operate for 25 years. They say they will have an insurance policy that will take care of any contamination . What insurance policy will cover my grandchildren or great grandchildren 50 years from there leaving the plant against contamination. Short sighted gains will just lead to the RM of Corman Park eventually cleaning this mess up. Which means as taxpayers some one other than Fortune will be paying. How do you “unpollute” a drinking water aquifer? You don’t. The risks far out wiegh any short term gains.

    • Yes, I did attend the events. Once again, in your perspective, they did not answer all of the questions – in mine they did. Perhaps you should talk with the Ministry of the Environment as their experts reviewed the plan in detail.


      • ken wiederspohn

        There “experts ” also approved Zonolite in the 60′ and 70’s. “Perfectly Safe” and used in thousands of homes across Canada and the US. Now it costs you thousand s of dollars to remove and dispose of. Asbestos contaminated and responsible for how many premature deaths . Just because the government pushes it through because the short term dollar signs are flashing in there eyes doesn’t mean it’s safe. History has taught us that over and over again.

        Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2014 03:05:02 +0000 To: wiedman22@msn.com

      • That was 40 to 50 years ago. Since then governments have started requesting things like money being set aside to restore project areas to their original state. They have banned things like smoking in public areas, created seatbelt laws, cracked-down on drinking and driving, etc. They have learned and evolved. The Shore Gold diamond project has been in approval for over 8 years – a project critical to the Prince Albert area that needs an economic push – Government is not in a hurry to approve it.


      • ken wiederspohn

        Of course they have improved . My point is the government has been making mistakes in the past and will keep making mistakes in the future. There reports are based on information Fortune has provided for them and Fortune seems to have a tendency to change there info as they need to. I asked Robin Goad at the first meeting about the Arsenic being pumped back down below the Dalmeny Aquifer and his response was the concentrations were minimal. The second meeting he and his “experts ” stated there was no Arsenic in there waste water being pumped down. How did this arsenic suddenly go away? In the 1st meeting they were creating 50 to 60 jobs, In the 2nd meeting it was 100 to 120 and then on John Gormley live it was up to 200. Where did these jobs all magically appear from? Robin Goad seems to change his story to what ever he feels will benifit his cause weather it’s true or not. There storage pits for million of tons of arsenic laden refined ore are to be stored in pits that were under a computor simulation good for 500 years. Do you really believe anything can be stored in a Sask. environment for 500 years without leeching into the surrounding area? And what happens in 500 years. will mankind cease to exist so no one will have to clean it up? Will there insurance policy be valid for 500 years? I find it interesting you are willing to accept there passing a project like this on there assessments and yet condemn them for denying a project{Shore Gold} using the same type of studies and assessments. A wise Indian Chief once said ” When the last tree has been cut down and all the land and water poisoned Mankind will then realize you can”t eat or drink money” Truer words were never spoken.
        Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2014 13:40:30 +0000
        To: wiedman22@msn.com

      • Perhaps ask Peter Prebble about this – it was his NDP party.


  9. Please see the following link and tell me again how the government and engineering “experts ” should be trusted. http://globalnews.ca/news/1490361/tailings-pond-breach-at-mount-polley-mine-near-likely-bc/

  10. So the sludge that is now making it’s way downstream is non-toxic? What killed all the fish that were floating dead right after the spill? You can try to justify this disaster any way you want but in the end it’s the people living in the area that pay the ultimate price. I’m sure the jobs this project created won’t come close to the people that will be impacted by this. It doesn’t matter if it’s the engineers or government inspectors that dropped the ball on this the end result is the same. Fortune Minerals putting this project on top of a major drinking water supply boggles my mind that people are so short sighted and only see dollar signs to even consider doing something so foolish.

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