Fortune Minerals

Below are the series of commentaries on Fortune Minerals

Prosperity Saskatchewan – Arsenic – Fortune Minerals

Prosperity Saskatchewan – Cyanide – Fortune Minerals

Prosperity Saskatchewan – Aquifer – Fortune Minerals

Prosperity Saskatchewan – Injection Wells – Fortune Minerals

Prosperity Saskatchewan – PRSF vs Tailings Ponds – Fortune Minerals

Prosperity Saskatchewan – Environmental Permitting Process – Fortune Minerals

Prosperity Saskatchewan – Who Is Fortune Minerals

Prosperity Saskatchewan – Site Reclamation – Fortune Minerals

Here is the first commentary I did on Fortune Minerals on August 27, 2009:
Prosperity Saskatchewan – Fortune Minerals is coming to Saskatchewan

  1. Dear Mr. Anderson: Who is feeding you your information on Fortune Minerals? May I suggest you read carefully their EIS ( Done by a third party – with many disclaimers about their findings). Or is Fortune Minerals paying you for your slanted conversations about them? If so I can see why you are quite biased towards their process. Have you read the comments from the Sask. Environmental Society? It is worthy of a read! The Sask. Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization has also commented on Fortune’s process. It’s worth a read! Mr. Anderson where do you live? Maybe you would feel comfortable about having the “Processing Plant” next to your community, your home, water supply, your children , your garden! Note: Saskatoon did not want this plant close to their boundary, but our dominant winds blow Northwest and any pollution/contaminated air will arrive in the city within minutes as the proposed plant is 28 kilometers Northwest of Saskatoon!

  2. Well, I will pass onto Fortune Minerals and the Government you have a new location for them in your backyard!

  3. You are a fool to believe made made containment of lethal chemicals of this volume is infallible. The consequences are too great and in no way justify the risk. You approve of the chance of permanently poisoning people’s water supply just to make a buck?
    Shame on you for using your position to promote this.
    If there was a law that stated all those responsible and their families that approved this project be put in containment of the contaminated site when a spill happens. Would you be so supportive? Take the blinders off!!!

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