Documents etc.

Oil Contracts – How to read and understand them

Mining Contracts – How to read and understand them

The Potash Journey brochure

Government Reports:

Saskatchewan Mineral Resource Map 2016

How to Access the Saskatchewan Mining Supply Chain

Saskatchewan Census Population 2011

Northern SK Geology Map

Southern SK Geology Map

Saskatchewan Exploration and Development Highlights 2016

SK Mining Consulting Supply and Service Companies List July 2014

Saskatchewan Active Oil Plays 2015

Saskatchewan Minerals Industry 2016

Saskatchewan Oil and Gas 2015

SK Highways Map 2011

Saskatchewan Mining Association Reports:

SMA 2014 Labour Study

2011 Labour Study

SMA Environment Fact Sheet 2014

SMA Historical Fact Sheet 2014

SMA Uranium fact sheets 2014

Mineral Exploration Guidelines 2010

Uranium in Saskatchewan 2010


Fraser Institute – Permit times for mining exploration how long are they 2016

Fraser Institute Gloabl Petroleum Survey 2015

Fraser Institute Mining Survey 2015

Mining Association of Canada – Facts and Figures 2015

BAIN Global Diamond Industry Report 2015

CAPP 2016 Crude Forecast

Deloitte – Tracking the trends 2016

Saskatchewan Mining Journal – Tracking the Trends 2016

The Potash Journey

Uranium 101

Uranium 2011 – Mining Journal Supplement

Uranium teachers guide – Let’s learn about uranium

Chernobyl’s Legacy

Canadian Mining Taxation – from PWC

Junior Mining Review 2011 – from PWC

Diamonds 2011 – Mining Journal Supplement

Martin Irving’s Diamond Economic Impact Report for the City of Prince Albert

Indigenous engagement_electronic


All Infographics from Visual Capitalist

Batteries – how they work, their limitations, and use Battery Series_Part 1_05 Battery Series_Part 2_05

Gold – how it became the most sought after metal on earth gold-series-part-1-infographic

Uranium – the metal of tomorrow Uranium_10<

Athabasca Basin Athabasca_07

Crash course in equity financing crash-course-equity-financing-mining


Rare earths


Gold’s history

Gold mining and supply

Gold demand

Gold as an investment

Keystone XL



Natural Gas

Natural Gas part 2

Copper part 1

Copper part 2

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