If you need the most current information on a Saskatchewan mining item, or are a resource company that needed something explained to the public, or if there is something you want to know more about or have explained to you about Saskatchewan’s resource sector or economy, or if you need something sorted-out or done – after over 1,575 radio commentaries and over 4,000 blog postings on the subject, and numerous speaking events, there was little Eric can’t answer or sort-out quickly and accurately.  And for those items taking a little longer, Eric has the industry contacts, archives, and research abilities to develop an accurate report.  He also works on retainer.

As an example, Eric completed a 1-year contract as a “Project Facilitator” for the International Minerals Innovation Institute, for both the ‘Research and Development’ as well as the ‘Education and Training’ Panels (see )  The IMII is a partnership between Agrium, BHP Billiton, Cameco, K+S Potash, Mosaic, PotashCorp, the Government of Saskatchewan, as well as the U of S, U of R, SIAST, and other Saskatchewan post-secondary institutions. For more information on the IMII see  IMII Summary Oct12 or or

As another example, he was asked to help prepare a brilliant young Saskatchewanian for a spectacular task.

The task:  Jackie Cook was selected by Global Vision and Prime Minister Stephen Harper to attend APEC Japan 2010 and represent Canada. Jackie also had a mission to promote Saskatchewan resources – in particular rare earth minerals – to the Prime Minister of Japan, as well as CEO’s of major corporations. She was very successful. Jackie was trained by the Hanlon Centre for International Business, within the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan; as well as Global Vision and myself.


  1. How much development will there be in the Uranium Industry in the next few years?

    • Look for a 30-percent increase in our northern workforce over the next 5 -years, then 5-percent per year after that for 5-years, then another 30-percent jump once the current round of permitting is complete. Cameco is spending $3-billion in northern Saskatchewan as they work to double their global production, Areva should follow suit, and Rio Tinto should eventually start doing something.

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