Equalization payments – 2018-19 – something’s wrong with this system

As Brad Wall posted on Facebook . . .

Equilization payments 2018-19

Quebec is cutting income taxes, sending cheques to parents, and will balance their budget.

Wondering where they got the money?

This year, Quebec is receiving $11.7 BILLION in equalization, which makes up 11% of their total revenue. That’s $650 MILLION more than last year.

Saskatchewan taxpayers are contributing $580 million to equalization just this year and again receive ZERO dollars in equalization as our finances struggle with the challenge of stubbornly low commodity prices.

Something isn’t right.

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Consultant on Saskatchewan's natural resources.

Posted on December 11, 2017, in agriculture, diamonds, economic impact, miscellaneous, oil, other minerals, political, potash, uranium and nuclear. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. No Energy East no payment simple math

  2. jack van Uffelen

    As usual, the Quebecers and the rest of Eastern Canada are sucking on the western Canadian teat. How long have we been supplying money to those eastern bastards in return of nothing. As far as they are concerned, the sun only shines on them. Maybe it’s time to start talk about western separation. I am sure we can stand on our own feet without them bleeding us forever.

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