Canada’s biggest crude oil export pipelines were almost full in 2015

Canada’s biggest crude oil export pipelines were almost full in 2015

By Deborah Jaremko

Aug. 25, 2016, 1:11 p.m.


New data from the National Energy Board (NEB) highlights the growing challenge that Canadian oil producers face getting their product to market.

The country’s three key crude export systems averaged nearly 95 percent capacity utilization in 2015, the NEB reports—including one pipeline that had average utilization of 105 percent.

“Oil export capacity remained tight. This is being driven by increases in crude oil supply in western Canada, primarily from the oilsands, while pipeline capacity additions have not kept pace,” the NEB says, adding that markets generally take the view that some spare capacity on pipeline systems is desirable.

The NEB notes that since construction has yet to begin on any of a number of new pipeline projects that have been proposed, rails continues to be requirement to supplement pipelines in moving growing oil supply to market.

Here are the numbers, pipeline-by-pipeline for Canada’s top three:

Enbridge Mainline

(Edmonton/Hardisty/Kerrobert/Regina/Cromer to Clearbrook MN and Superior WI)

Capacity: 2.5 million bbls/d

Average utilization 2015: 85%

TransCanada Keystone 

(Hardisty to Patoka IL and Cushing OK)

Capacity: 591,000 bbls/d

Average utilization 2015: 94%

Kinder Morgan Canada Trans Mountain 

(Edmonton to Kamloops)

Capacity: 300,000 bbls/d

Average utilization 2015: 105%


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