Pikoo diamond exploration project still moving forward

Pikoo diamond exploration project still moving forward

By Bryan Eneas

August 15, 2016 – 2:00pm


Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation chief and council will be meeting soon with North Arrow Minerals regarding the Pikoo diamond exploration project to discuss an exploration agreement between the two parties.

Located north of Deschambault Lake, the Pikoo diamond exploration became a source of excitement in 2013, when a high concentration of microdiamonds within kimberlite samples were found by North Arrow Minerals.

Kimberlite is a common host for diamonds, according to Nick Thomas, the community relations manager for North Arrow Minerals. North Arrow is the proponent partner of the Pikoo diamond project, meaning they are funding the exploration that is currently happening in the region.

“We’re still working on it; we’ve had a shorter program this year and a smaller budget. Our programs for a few different projects were smaller this summer. Pikoo was a 10-day sampling program,” Thomas said.

Those 10 days of sampling yielded some positive results, revealing some more kimberlite after the 2013 discovery. According to Thomas, the goal of the project right now is to discover more kimberlite with higher diamond contents and continue the forward momentum from 2013.

The Pikoo project is taking place on Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation (PBCN) traditional lands, and is located about 10 km from Deschambault Lake, and 30 km west of Pelican Narrows.

According to Thomas, North Arrow Minerals and PBCN currently have a working relationship.

“They’re not involved as a partner or anything like that. We do as much hiring locally as we can from the two communities of Deschambault and Pelican Narrows. Usually during the drill program that ends up being 11 to 15 people,” Thomas explained. “As the project moves along and advances we get to hire more and more people locally.”

Thomas said the exploration agreement will keep the doors open with PBCN for the future, and will keep the Cree Nation in the loop regarding what opportunities may arise.

Thomas said Pikoo so far, although moving slowly, is moving in the right direction.

“Most diamond projects are a rare animal, a rare commodity for the reason that they’re very difficult to find new ones,” Thomas said. There’s many stages that can stop a project in its tracks. Pikoo so far has continued to stay alive, but it hasn’t had the one big discovery that will offer the foreseeable pathway to open up a mine.”


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