Husky update on pipeline incident – July 26, 3:15 pm


July 26 – 3:15 PM

We would like to provide further detail and clarification regarding our initial report (IRIS) filed with the Saskatchewan government this morning and the sequence of events.

The following is the currently understood sequence of events leading up to the identification of the release.

  • On Wednesday, July 20 at approximately 8 p.m. the pipeline monitoring system indicated pressure anomalies as several segments of the pipeline system were being returned to service. This is common during startup operations.
  • As per our normal procedures when we note such anomalies, we immediately began reviewing data and operating characteristics.
  • As a precaution, crews were dispatched along the gathering system and did not identify a leak.
  • As a further precaution, aerial surveillance was also organized overnight to fly the length of the pipeline at the first available daytime opportunity.
  • As our analysis continued through the night, we decided as a further precaution to start safe shutdown procedures at about 6 a.m. The valves on either side of the river shut in automatically as a part of the shutdown procedures.
  • Subsequently, on Thursday morning we received reports regarding a sheen on the river.
  • Also on Thursday morning we initiated our emergency response plan and dispatched crews to site.
  • Based on the industry-standard SCADA system which we use to monitor the pipeline, we confirmed the released volume was between 200-250 cubic metres.

Husky is committed to completing a full and thorough investigation, in active cooperation with the relevant authorities.

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