History of diamond exploration in Saskatchewan

There are three items which capture the history of diamond exploration in Saskatchewan.

The first is a 2-page article from “The Northern Miner” volume 81, number 22, July 31- Aug 6, 1995.  This is an easy to read historical account.  You can read it here.

The second is a report entitled “Synthesis of Diamond Recoveries from the Fort à la Corne Kimberlite Field, East-central Saskatchewan” by  Shawn Harvey .  This is item includes a lot of the information contained in the above item, but also includes alot more detail about the Fort a la Corne project on a technical level.  It can be viewed here

The third item “Diamond-bearing Kimberlites in Saskatchewan, Canada:  The Fort a la a Corne Case History,” written by a variety of authors, explains a little more of the intrigue from when the Fort a la Corne area was first being explored.  The copy available below, has some hand-writing all over it – these are the notes I doodled (with no intention of others seeing them) while discussing the item with the authors.  It can be viewed here.




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