2013 harvest was like the invention of potash to the railways using CRAP math

This item was originally posted on February 6, 2014.

Prosperity Saskatchewan

During my presentations I use Cumulative Resultant Arithmetic Pontification math or CRAP math – basic back of the napkin math.

The following uses CRAP math to present the impact on rail from the record 2013 Saskatchewan harvest.

Saskatchewan’s harvest was a record 38.4 million tonnes – up 40% from 2012 and 48% above the 10-year average.

SK record crop

With CRAP math, a 40% increase in harvest from 2012 levels, will cause a 40% increase in harvest-related railway traffic.

The chart below portrays the “Western Canadian” rail movement by tonne, of select items chosen by direct relevance to Saskatchewan.

Through the magic of CRAP math, if 40% were added to wheat, colza (canola), and other cereals from the 2012 levels, the net result would be in 2013:
Crop impact on rail 2013

The CRAP math net result is: a 40% increase from a total of 32,863,382 tonnes by rail in 2012 (from wheat, colza/canola, and other cereals combined)…

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