Don’t take mining for-granted

PWC’s new report “Mine 2016: Slower, lower, weaker…but not defeated” (which can be downloaded directly from here or sourced from their site here) reveals that the top 40 companies suffered:

  • their first collective net loss in history ($27 billion)
  • a decline in collective market capitalization of 37% (to below half a trillion dollars from a peak of $1.6 trillion in 2010)
  • the lowest return on capital ever
  • asset impairments totalling $53 billion (for a total of nearly $200 billion since 2010)
  • record high leverage of 46%
  • operating expenditure cuts of $83 billion.

Other than that, things were great!

Market cap of top 40 miners

Mining also saw the gap between its sector and other major indexes grow even larger:

Gap betwen miners and others

But to spite this, mining still paid its taxes.

Miners still paying taxes

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