Wall sticking to his energy script

Mr Wall started here and has kept going



Wall to focus on Energy East during Eastern Canada visit

By Sarah Mills

June 9, 2016 – 1:30pm


Premier Brad Wall is sticking to his word that he wants to stand up for Saskatchewan.

He is heading east June 14 to 15, to Toronto, Quebec and New Brunswick, advocating for the Energy East pipeline.

Wall argues his voice is needed to counter what he calls misconceptions from environmentalists.

“It is not borne of science, it doesn’t respect the reality of where our energy sector is in this country,” Wall maintained. “I think you would be hard pressed to find another country in the world that is our competitor in terms of oil business that has taken the matter of both climate change, but also, all of the environmental issues, as seriously as has our sector and has our government.”

Wall contends the environmental voice has for too long become louder than those working in the energy sector. He says those in that fight, like himself, should speak up to counter the narrative that is being told.

“I am going to continue to use very direct and blunt language, this is something we didn’t do,” Wall said. “I think we have got to be blunt and direct and make the case because we weren’t in the past.

Asked whether he was only speaking to people already on board with the Energy East pipeline, Wall countered everyone should start speaking up about a project that is predicted to generate $14 billion worth of economic activity, $4 billion of that in Saskatchewan.

In Toronto, Wall is speaking at the Empire Club, the Canadian speaker’s forum, and will meet with his counterparts in Quebec and New Brunswick.

Energy East is a proposed $15.7 billion pipeline that will transport more than a million barrels of Western Canadian oil a day to refineries in Eastern Canada and a marine terminal in New Brunswick.


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