Pictures of Russian potash mine disaster #potash

Insane pictures of Russian potash mine disaster

November 20, 2014

Solikamsk-2 accident first implications: situation could worsen

After a statement made by one of the world’s largest potash producers and exporters Uralkali (MCX:URKA)(LON:URALL), first visual implications of Solikamsk-2 potash mine accident have been revealed.

A sinkhole with a diameter of 30-40 meters has been detected to the east of the Solikamsk-2 production site, at the area packed with summer cottages. There were no casualties reported so far.

Potash sinkhole 1

Some experts do believe that producing Solikamsk-1 mine adjacent to flooded Solikamsk-2 mine, likely to be flooded also, but it will not happen soon since there are two safety barriers installed between mines, – a 20 meters concrete wall and a 200 meters pillar, which entirely consists of potassium salt (see picture below).

Potash sinkhole 2
Potentially, fresh water could mix with the brine in a flooded mine, which in turn may create microfractures in a concrete wall by that time.

Potash sinkhole 3

Tectonic fractures are other possible way water/brine mix may penetrate and dissolve protective pillar.
Theoretically, this process may take years, if it really happens.
We will continue to monitor Uralkali’s official statements in this regard.

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