Released on October 24, 2014

The Government of Saskatchewan officially opened the new St. Louis Bridge today.  The bridge, located on Highway 2 over the South Saskatchewan River, replaces the century-old St. Louis Bridge.
“The new bridge will better serve the regional economy and create a safer and more efficient transportation corridor for shippers,” Highways and Infrastructure Minister Nancy Heppner said.  “The bridge completes the final link in a 683 km-long primary weight corridor on Highway 2 from Assiniboia in the south to La Ronge in the north.”
“The St. Louis Bridge is over 100 years old, and it has served its purpose for many years,” Batoche MLA Delbert Kirsch said.  “This new bridge was part of a dream that people had for a number of years, and now this dream becomes a reality.”
Construction on the new bridge, which is 1.6 km east of the old bridge, began in 2011.  The project also involved building a new route to the bridge.
The new highway that connects to Highway 2 has been completed on the north side of the bridge while the south connector project is still under construction.  Motorists will need to use Highway 25 west to Highway 2 near St. Louis.
“The new bridge will serve the citizens and economy well,” St. Louis Mayor Les Rancourt said.  “The increased safety and dependability of the new bridge will benefit the entire province, while promoting additional tourism through this area.  We also anticipate future growth as a result of this new access to the community.  The old St. Louis Bridge holds great historical significance to our community, but we recognize that it’s time to move forward and accept the new bridge for all the positives that it has to offer.”
“We’re excited about the opening of the new bridge as it will promote trade and the movement of goods and services,” St. Louis Reeve Henry Gareau said.
“This opens the door for the local economy, particularly the agricultural producers in the area who frequently cross the river,” RM of Prince Albert Reeve Norma Sheldon said.
The old bridge at St. Louis is now closed, and pedestrians are cautioned to stay off for their own safety.
The government has invested a record $4.3 billion in transportation infrastructure since 2008.
For more information, contact:
Steve Shaheen Highways and Infrastructure Saskatoon Phone: 306-933-5641 Email:

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